Monthly Archive: April 2020

VW Golf R at Purple Prizes

Bringing you the best of car giveaway competitions

That is Purple Prizes – the very best dream car giveaway competitions ran in the UK. Purple Prizes was first launched in late 2019 with the aim of providing better odds than that of the competition. Their first prize giveaway to get some momentum in the page was Apple Air pods which went down an absolute treat. Followed by a cash giveaway and then an Apple iPhone 11 Pro! Next onto their first car launch – an amazing top spec Volkswagen Golf R! This really did have all the top spec extras. If you know much about the Golf R’s, this one had Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) a very rare option. Full leather, DSG auto gearbox, pan roof, upgraded display, official Dynaudio system put in at factory which include the bass box in the boot within the spare wheel. Low mileage, full VW service history, the list goes on. An absolute beautiful car and what an epic prize to win with a ticket price of just £19.99.

That hopefully gives you a flavour of things to come at Purple Prizes. Head over to their website for the next dream car giveaway and join the exclusive winners list!