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Cloud Hosting – What You Need To Know

Cloud Hosting – What You Need To Know

Cloud hosting is a way of hosting a server which is relatively new but is growing in popularity every day. However, not everyone is aware of what cloud hosting is and how it can help them. To try and change this, we’re going to be looking at the basics of cloud hosting.

So how does cloud hosting work?

The central concept behind cloud hosting is an example of ‘divide and rule’. What this means, for people who aren’t aware, is that your system isn’t run on one server. Instead, it is run on multiple servers all at once, and various sections of your website are created as and when they’re needed. This is useful because the chance of a complete website crash is significantly reduced, as there is no one central server which can fail.

Each server which exists within the cloud provides a different function, so every server has a unique task to perform within a website. This means that when someone clicks on a different part of the site to perform another function, the server which controls that task is automatically activated and starts providing that service or task.

So why is cloud hosting a good idea?

Cloud hosting is a good option in some situations because it is a more reliable system than some other hosting options. You may find that professional hosting companies offer this option because it makes it a more reliable server for the site. All of the servers working independently of each other means that another can take over in the event of a crash, which means that you’ll have very little chance of the entire site going down. This removes the problem faced by some websites which result in angry and put off customers.

Obviously, it is worth noting that cloud hosting is sometimes a more expensive option, in part because you have more servers to hire out and keep running. However, it is often worth the extra cost because of the peace of mind which it can offer people with websites. For some people, their entire livelihood is dependant upon the safe running and consistency of their website, so being able to have multiple backup servers is often a highly desired option.

Overall, the cloud hosting process is one which is highly effective when utilised by a business and can provide much-needed peace of mind. The cloud system works in such a way that there’s little to no chance of the system going down ultimately, and means that websites can operate with confidence and not have to worry about a sudden crash and some seriously unhappy customers. The reliability of the hosting is one of the major factors which makes people use it, and it is something which you’ll see at work within a lot of major sites, like Google and Facebook. They use cloud hosting or a variation of, and this means that they’ve rarely experienced a shutdown, which only helps to add credibility to the benefits of cloud hosting. Brought to you by Zen Hosting.